Christmas Tree Sale

This year, for the first time, St. Magdalen’s will celebrate the Christmas season by illuminating the circle in front of the rectory by erecting beautiful six foot real Christmas trees, decorated with white lights.

Each tree will be available to be memorialized for someone living or deceased, or with a […]

Fortnight for Freedom


The Fortnight for Freedom will end on July 4th. As you are enjoying the time with friends and family please take the time to listen to the video regarding our religious freedom titled “Dignitatis Humanae” (below), it would be great to share with friends and your family. There are also many […]

Knights Raise Record Donations for ARC Drive

This year marks another successful fund raiser for the Knights of Columbus from St. Magdalen de Pazzi Church on behalf of ARC of Hunterdon County. Recently, brothers from the Knight’s gathered donations outside of ShopRite and Little Brothers over the course of a weekend. The event was so successful that they collected a total of […]

Support The Vote Against Bill A2270

Brother Knights,

We know that only God has the authority to give or take life.

The NJ “Aid in Dying” bill is a grave affront to God’s supreme authority. Bill A2270 is again to be on schedule for a vote this fall, so please continue to contact your legislators and tell them to Vote […]

Public Prayer Rally Against the Black Mass

TFP prayer rally of reparation against the satanic Black Mass at the Oklahoma Civic Center on September 21, 2014.


The Spreading Scourge of Anti-Christian Persecution

By Ben S. Carson – – Tuesday, August 5, 2014 – – Washington Times


The images projected across our television and computer screens throughout the day as we rest in the creature comforts of our offices and homes are very sobering. […]

Upcoming 4th Degree Exemplification

Fellow Knights,

Attached are details for the upcoming 4th degree on March 30th. The cost is still $70 for the candidate and $50 for guests and current 4th degree members who wish to attend. All monies must be turned in no later than the evening of the 3rd degree in Flemington March 16th.


Study the Gospels in a Year!

Last year we brought you "Read the Catechism in a Year" for the Year of Faith.  This year we are bringing you "Study the Gospels in a Year".  A short, daily Gospel reading (+ commentary) sent straight to your inbox.  Read that little bit each day & you'll have studied all four gospels of […]

Letters to Archbishop Lori and Bishop Bootkoski




During these difficult times where our faith is under attack on many fronts, the Knights of Columbus need to let our Bishops know that we stand in solidarity with them.  Therefore, with the assistance of the council's officers and chaplain, I have […]

The HHS Mandate: Anti-Catholic and Un-American, Fr. Barron comments




We have spoken often about the HHS Amendment and its impact on us as Catholics. The video below is of Father Robert Baron and his comments on the HHS Amendment, Religious Freedom, and Secularism in our country. It is only 9 minutes long but, provides […]